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Web Content 2008

Originally published by "dbarker" on 2008-06-17 12:43:00Z

I’m at Web Content 2008 this morning in Chicago, hosted by the awesome folks at Duo Consulting.

I drove in yesterday from Sioux Falls. It was nine hours, but I have client meetings through Friday, then my son has a soccer tournament just outside the metro for three days, so it only made sense to have my car here. We’ve had so much rain the Midwest that the scenery was just beautiful on the drive.

Plus, I was listening to “Higher” on CD, which is a great book about the race to build the tallest building in the world back in 20s. Nothing like a good book to take the edge of a long drive.

I hope to be blogging some of this today and tomorrow.

Joe, for his part, is at the eZ Conference in Norway. He’s presenting on JetFuel (much more on that later…) to eZ Systems, which is very cool.